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Exercise not the only facet of a healthy lifestyle that you should be concerned about. Heck, it's not even the most important! What you put in your body is hands down the most important factor in your daily life! It affects everything: 

  • daily energy levels

  • how well we digest our food

  • our insulin levels

  • how efficiently our heart pumps blood throughout our body

  • weight loss or gain

  • our immune system...i could go on forever!!!We educate every client that we train to ensure that they get a full understanding the importance of food and how we need to take more responsibility with what we consume. When we take it upon ourselves to start eating healthier, we usually end up affecting others around us including family, friends & especially children. Lets all do the right thing and not let ourselves be another statistic on the heart disease or obesity charts. I'm here to help!

1. Drink water plenty of water each day. This does not include juice, soda or any alcoholic beverage!
2. Smaller portions and more frequent meals
3. Don't skip breakfast
4. If you're hungry eat! Don't starve yourself
5. Cut down on saturated fats & sugars
6. Eat your fruits and vegetables
7. Don't keep bad, tempting food in your house
8. Tell other around you that you want to eat healthy, in the hope that they'll help!
9. Moderation is key!
10. Enjoy healthy fat & high protein meals


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