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Here at All Star Fitness we pride ourselves on providing professional service to everyone we train. Below are a list of the services that we offer. Click on the title of each for more details.

Boot Camps

Don't get put off by the name! We won't scream at you from a distance while having to rolling around in mud, but we do promise that you will get a great workout! We accommodate beginner and advanced fitness levels. With a mixture of Cardio and Resistance Exercises,
Boot Camps are the fun and effective way to get those fitness result you're after!

Personal Training

Are you looking to start training towards a new goal. All Star Fitness offers in depth personalised programs that cater to your needs and fitness level.

Don't dream any longer, let us show you what you're truly capable of with a bit of motivation and guidance.


Just as the name's time toWork-It! These classes include great variety of unqiue exercises that are designed to help shred the fat and leave you with that amazing post workout high. Fun, accessible to everyone and social, these cicuits just need one more thing...YOU!!!

Fitness Tests

It's always nice to see how far you've come after training for weeks or months at a time. All Star Fitness records your results from various fitness tests during personal training, boot camp or coaching classes to really give you an idea as to how far you've come from when you started with us. We promise you'll be amazed!

Posture Analysis

I bet when you read posture you sat right up didn't you? Let us help educate you on ways to improve your posture with carefully selected exercises to cater to your postural needs. Take the first step today so that you don't find yourself at the doctors tomorrow!

Private Group Training

Would you and your friends, family or colleagues like to start group training but want a personal touch. Private Group Training is the way to go! We'll meet you at a location and time of your choosing each week and write programs to help keep you motivated the hours that we don't see you.

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