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The All-Star Boot Camps are designed for men and women of all fitness levels and ages that range from 15 to 60+. Each Boot Camp goes for 55 minutes and incorporates a special selection of exercises that help boost your metabolism, fitness & help mold a healthier, happier you! We start each session with a warm-up for about 5-10 minutes, then we dive into the workout of the day.

Once completed, we'll finish the session with stretching leaving you feeling refreshed with that healthy post-workout high! Paul is constantly changing the workouts & warm-ups and he's never used the same workout twice! It helps keep you motivated, interested in the workouts to come & provides the best results! He also offers a new fitness testing program at the Boot Camps. They're called the All-Star Challenges and they're a great way to help measure how much improvement you've made since you started training with All Star Fitness.

! If you want guaranteed results and would like to try a workout with the other
All Stars, call today for a free trial session. I promise that not only you'll enjoy it, but you'll also be coming back for more!



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​Everyone's fitness level is different and many people start with no fitness at all and that's ok! There's beginner, intermediate & advanced levels for all the exercises challenges so there no reason not to come down and give one a go.

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The benefits of our Group Fitness Classes
* Toning                                                * Losing Weight
* Increased Fitness                             * Increase Core Strength
* Improved Self Confidence              * Stress Relief
* Improvement in Daily Energy       
* Achieve what you never thought possible!
* Improved Sex Life!                          
Most of all...having FUN!

Located @ Morris Buzacott Reserve
Corner Williamson Rd and Meadow Close
Includes: Toilet Facilities & Parking

5.30am, 6.30am: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
5pm: Monday & Wednesday

8am: Saturday​​


Located @ Meller Park
Hope Road opposite Blue Gum Motessori School
Includes: Parking

6pm Tuesday
6pm Thursday


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