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Here at All Star Fitness, our primary goal, when it comes to junior coaching, is to educate kids about healthy eating throughout all the games and activities we set for them. Children learn habits from their mentors such as parents and teachers, so it is essesntial that we relay these messages in a way they can understand.

Therefore, we set parents easy challenges to help the ensure their kids live healthy lives. Below are 2 great strategies proven to work.

Ensure a healthy breakfast is consumed by both you and your child every day. Children who have breakfast perform better at school and are more likely to keep concentration during the first part of the day.

Eat breakfast yourself and eat it with your children. Many parents say they are too rushed in the mornings to eat themselves. Set some clear ground rules together with your children and stick to them!

Have a list of 3 to 4 healthy breakfast options on the fridge for them to choose from. They can choose what they want to have and they make it under your supervision. To ensure this works, change up your breakfast to suits theirs.

Eat dinner together without the TV on. Participation in family dinners leads to higher intake of fruits and vegetables, while TV tends to 'undermine' family time.

Families who watch restricted amount of television often find they have more time to spend with one another in more engaging and interactive activities.​​


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