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"I attended my first bootcamp class with Paul at All Star Fitness about 3 years ago when I found a flyer for a free trial in my letterbox. I had put on a lot of weight since I’d left high school so I thought it was probably time to do something about it. I can’t say I loved the first class I went to as I hadn’t done any exercise in a long time and wasn’t used to being strongly encouraged to run faster or push harder and was definitely caught slacking off while Pauls’ back was turned more than a few times, but after forcing myself to attend a few more sessions and being encouraged each time to not give up I began enjoying and even looking forward to going. Pauls’ attitude towards the people who attend his sessions is friendly but stern and although there could be 15 people attending one session his knowledge of your personal strengths, weaknesses and injuries makes it feel as though you’re receiving personal training, for a much lower cost.
I’ve been through different phases of motivation over the 3 years, sometimes attending 3 classes a week and then sometimes not attending at all for weeks. A quick check up message after not being there for a few weeks has a lot of the time been enough to get me back into the swing of things. Just recently I’ve lost my twentieth kilo since my first session and, although it may not seem much, I can now do 30 double under skips as opposed to the zero I could do when I started.

I’ve introduced many friends to All Star Fitness and will continue to recommend Pauls’ well planned morning and evening sessions to friends who are looking for the motivation to exercise and improve their physical strength, health and confidence in themselves."

Thanks Paul 
Marnie E

"I have been going to All star fitness boot camps for over 4 years now.

Has it increased my fitness? Absolutely; I have gone from struggling to run a few laps of the oval to running the City to Surf.

Has it been easy? No. Has it been fun? Most definitely.

The best thing about Paul’s boot camps is, it does not matter what level of fitness you are at; it is for everyone and you can choose to maintain your current fitness level or try for the next level up in a group of like minded people.

Whilst the classes are professionally run we also have a bit of a laugh and Paul’s constant positive attitude and encouragement helps you along."

Andy P

"Paul's classes have been instrumental in safely getting me back to my pre-pregnancy fitness and weight. When my daughter was 6 months old, I had lost all of the 20kg I had gained during pregnancy (plus a few more)! Paul understands post-natal physical issues and constraints and would adapt each workout to suit where I was at in my post-natal recovery. The workouts are never the same which keeps it interesting, and the group environment is always friendly, positive and supportive. I can't recommend these classes enough for new or expectant mums!" 

"Boot camp is a lot of fun (surprisingly) and Paul has been an extremely motivating trainer who keeps the sessions interesting but challenging...definitely saw results!"

"Paul is extremely motivated, enthusiastic and never late to a session. All sessions are carefully planned to ensure that no session is repetitive or boring. Paul demonstrates each exercise before we start and helps to improve technique whilst exercising, ensuring that everyone is getting the most out of the session and not getting injured.  Paul keep records of our sessions to help monitor progress, and advises on how to modify my lifestyle outside of the classes to improve my fitness. Thanks Paul."

"brainCELLS is a creative marketing company based in Claremont WA and as a company our most important asset are our staff. We regularly look for ways to stimulate and motivate the team and when I found out that Paul Di Nunzio was a Personal Trainer who was prepared to develop a program to suit our staff and at a location close to our premises, it represented a great opportunity. Our initial program was based on 5 weeks, but after this first phase the staff are now fully engaged and we have extended the program on a number of occasions. The sessions Paul has created have motivated staff to personally improve their own fitness levels outside of these sessions and I feel that all in all, the impact has been extremely positive on both the company and our people."
Allen, Managing Partner of brainCELLS


"I started Bootcamp with Paul at All Star Fitness WA over a year ago and it’s great seeing the difference in my fitness from week to week.  When I started I couldn’t even run 100m but now I can run, I can do push ups and sit ups and we even have fun while doing it! Everyone is really friendly and we never get bored because every bootcamp is different. I love hearing compliments about how fit and healthy I look now so it is totally worth the effort! If Paul can whip me into shape, he can do the same for anyone." ​
Monique R

“Paul has the positive attitude and skills to coordinate difficult yet enjoyable boot camp sessions. No two sessions are the same, with occasional recorded activities to measure your fitness benchmarks. I have personally achieved results (more toned; more strength) since joining All Star Fitness 4 months ago, and have learned many new exercises. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend All Star Fitness to anyone.”

Tom S


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