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Fitness testing is a great way to visually see how far you've progressed since you've started training. Test can be a scary word to some people, but rest assured, we won't be sending you on any marathon runs, unless that's what you're training for!

We conduct fitness tests at both our Personal Training Sessions & Boot Camps. The thrill that people get when they find out that they can hold a plank 3 minutes longer than when they first started is greatly rewarding to the individual's self esteem and confidence.

The Boot Camps also offer an addition fitness testing program called "The All Star Challenges.' We offers 10 large & 10 small challenges at the Boot Camps. There are beginner, intermediate & advanced levels for each challenge. Many All Stars who have started on the beginners challenge are now upto the advanced levels and you better believe that you have the potential to do the same.

If you have a goal in mind but lack clear and concise direction, or would like to see where you rank amongst the other All Stars, call us now for a free 45 minute Personal Training Session or 60 minute Boot Camp


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