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Wellness training is different. It will help individuals set and most importantly, achieve their health & fitness goals. Paul Di Nunzio combines a 'FUN' training element with his knowledge of how to achieve the best results from individuals.

Firstly, Paul uncovers what daily obstacles and behaviours might be making their client unhealthy. Then they address the issue and give you simple ways to break these barriers down!

Today's training is all about lifestyle. Rising health costs mean that the fitness industry has now gained more importance. Have you ever been to the doctor, waited around for 30 minutes, gone in the room all for them to tell you that a bit of exercise and better diet can reduce the impact of your symptoms? Not to mention the cost of the visit.

Paul is not only a respected fitness trainer, he is a motivators and educators on all things health related. Paul runs the All Star Fitness WA Boot Camps unlike any other. Recent studies into other Boot Camps have shown that a high percentage of clients leave the classes feeling stiff or injure areas of their body that are imbalanced. Furthermore, incorrect training techniques will also affect concentration and leave you feeling unwell and run down.
Paul's classes are aimed at improving fundamental areas of the body which keep you feeling 'well' so that you leave feeling energized for daily life. Correct strengthening and flexibility will help significantly improve fitness levels and weight control. Paul ends each session with a simple message/challenge, which will help you stay motivated to complete your lifestyle change.

All Star Fitness WA will help you reach your health & fitness potential!


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