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Getting Started

Introduction & Tips before you start training

What’s on your feet? Your shoes will be supporting your whole body during your workout. Worn out shoes can cause problems for your knee, ankle and hip joints and back problems as well. If you’re unsure if you need a new pair of shoes, ask Paul.

What is your exercise history? If you haven’t been doing any type of exercise for many months or years, running, high impact or high intensity exercise may not be for you straight away. Don’t feel offended if Paul asks you to perform in different exercises or start at a slower pace until he feels that you’re ready to try the harder ones.

Something doesn’t feel right! If there’s an exercise that might not ‘feel right,’ please let Paul know. For example, you may be performing a basic exercise like squats, which should be focused on engaging your legs, but you feel pressure in your back, make it known! Also, make it known if there any pain in your joints during movement.

What to eat before training Food eaten before exercise should provide carbohydrates; the best fuel our body needs to move and exercise!

What to eat after you workout (these are some suggestions that may not suit everyone. Please consult your local dietician or nutrition for a personalised diet program) First off, make sure you drink up! You need to drink around 3-4 cups of water for every hour of exercise post workout. Regarding your solid food, it’s ideal to consume a healthy, protein rich meal after your workout.

Grilled chicken and mixed vegetables

Multigrain bread with tuna, hummus and spinach

Tuna with multigrain crackers

Vegetable omelette with avocado

Protein shake with banana

Cottage cheese with multigrain crackers

Fish with sweet potato

Scrambled eggs with vegetables

Oats with ½ serve protein powder and milk

I’m here to help! It’s my job to help you with any exercise or healthy lifestyle related issues. I also offer the other following services to you: writing workout programs, checking food diaries, training plans for events, stretching programs, check in program where I’ll text you if you haven’t been attending for some time just to keep you on track. If any of these are of interest to you, let me know.

Good luck with your training All Star! Paul Di Nunzio All Star Fitness WA Pty Ltd

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