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Losing those last few kilo's

Drinking If you guys are really struggling to lose those last few kilos I have a couple of pieces of advice for you. 1) Drop or lower the alcohol/soft drink consumption. I know you know, but we need to be reminded. It really is one of the biggest factors that may be holding you back, drinking your calories. If you go through a two or more servings of wine, beer, spirits or soft drink per week listen up! By just reducing your intake by one of those servings per week can save you 1kg-3kgs of body fat every year. That’s 10+ boot camps that can go towards slimming you down even more instead of just burning those drinks. The 10,000 steps 2) The workplace is becoming more sedentary and damn Netflix or ‘whatever on demand’ won’t stop bringing out amazing TV shows. Many of us put these or other sedentary activities ahead of our health goals. If you really want to get somewhere with your weight loss goals, get that pedometer or Fitbit out an start counting those steps! Aim for 10,000 steps every day that you don’t do a class or gym session until the end of September, and I’m telling you that you’ll see a difference!


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