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Struggling To Get Motivated to Move? Make It An Appointment

External factors such as: work, catch up with friends and family, tradies coming around or just something on your to do list can take preference over your exercise regime. If you find this happening frequently, most likely it’s because you are letting it happen. To put it bluntly, you are saying to yourself ‘I prioritise all of these things over my own wellbeing.’ If you want to exercise more and be healthier, you must make a change. I’ve done it too, pushed sessions back by days at a time, saying ‘tomorrow’ and I know deep down I could’ve actually exercised on that day and done the other things later in the day or the week. How did I avoid this? I make my exercise time an appointment. I don’t book any sessions or make any arrangements for the times that I have set for myself to exercise. You find that time that you can dedicate to exercise. Whether it's PT, boot camp, going for a walk, the gym, whatever it is. Once you set that time, it cannot be cancelled, it cannot be rescheduled. Work the other external factors around it, because that time is for yourself and for your overall wellbeing!

If you struggle to keep yourself accountable, tell me what day and time you are dedicating to exercising and I’ll help keep you accountable and on track. Sometimes telling someone your exercise and wellbeing plan, is the best way to keep it rolling.

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