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Rounded Shoulders

Many people suffer from rounded shoulders due to bad posture. Our daily interaction with iPads, laptops and mobile phones is only making this problem worse. We’re very rarely self-aware that we’re doing it until it causes a problem such as; neck pain, shoulder pain and shoulder blade pain to name a few. Other causes include stress responses tightening our chest muscles, breastfeeding, previous shoulder injuries and cycling for long durations. After an extended period, your back muscles become weak and overstretched and your chest becomes tight and shortened, causing rounded shoulders. So, we need to stretch out our chest muscles and strengthen our back to bring us back to correct posture. Check out the video below for some exercises you can use at home to help correct this posture:

When it comes to strengthening your back with rowing movements, shoulder positioning plays a very important part. Check out the very short video below and watch the man’s shoulder and shoulder blade movement as he completes a row:

His first demonstration is what many people look like when they start to get tired, lift weights that are too heavy or are completely unaware of their movement. We should all be aiming for the second part.

Over the next two weeks I’d like to focus on our rowing movements at the boot camps. The three exercises that we’ll be focusing on will be:

One Arm Rows ( best video!!!!

Double Arm Kettlebell Rows (

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