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Boot Camp Restructure

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Hey All Stars,

It’s time to mix things up! For several years now, the class structure has been the same. Boot camps on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (individual workouts with the occasional All-Star Challenge) with the Work-It Circuits (comprised of more partner, group workouts with a large variety of exercises) on the rest. Now it’s time to try something new, and it’s already started!

Last week we started week 1 of a 6 week structure. I aim to try this new structure for 2 rounds, totalling 12 weeks then I’ll get some feedback from you all to see if you’d like to keep the new structure or go back to the old. Here’s the plan for how each 6 week rotation will work: Week 1 & 2: Individual workouts

These workouts do not rely on another person, excluding the occasional boxing drill. You can ‘choose the intensity.’ Examples of the workouts include, AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible), EMOM (every minute on the minute) and Tabata workouts to name a few.

Weeks 3 & 4: Novelty, Group and Partnered Workouts

Here’s where we break things up a little. There will be a greater variety of exercises including fitballs, TRX bands, medicine balls and more. These will be a mixture of individual, group and partnered workouts. They will have more of a ‘fun’ novelty feeling (e.g. Deck of Cards or Deal or No Deal) or be objective based (e.g. Group Competition or Elimination).

WEEK 5: All Star and Micro Challenges They’re back and better than ever. The All-Star Challenges have come back with 7 new challenges and 8 revised ones from the past. For those who don’t know, the challenges are aimed at testing the individual’s fitness levels. They involve a mixture of endurance and strength over time. You will be encouraged to record your results (time, rounds completed, or weight used) for safe keeping and future reference so that when you get the chance to try the same challenge again, you can see how much you’ve improved. You will get to select your challenge each day, so you can decide what you would like to focus on or test. 4 out of the 6 days will involve All Star Challenges, the other two will include Micro Challenges, shorter workouts that will still test your fitness. Each day in week 5 will also include a group or partnered workout as well.  

Week 6: Recovery Week and Choice

This will be the week that’ll heavily focus on what you want and or need. It’ll be used to help you recover through stretching and limited impact exercises and focus on the weaker areas of your body. Each day will involve around 15 minutes stretching, either to start or finish along with a workout of your choice. You’ll have a selection of workouts to choose from Monday to Saturday. For example, there may be an option to focus on glutes, cardio or arms. You can choose to focus on one, two or all three for the whole class. I hope you enjoy the weeks to come. Don’t feel the need to hold back on your feedback until the last week. Positive feedback is always welcome, just as much as constructive criticism. Make your thoughts known All Stars and I’ll always try and do my best to give you the best experience, matched with the best results possible!

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