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Injury Prevention

I'm not a rehabilitation specialist like a physio, chiropractor or OT, but, from speaking to injured individuals specialists, especially physios over the years, it does seem apparent that many injuries could have been avoided by being more aware of our bodies, stretching more (static and foam rolling) and wearing the appropriate footwear to each class.

Many of you have experienced a time where you perform an exercise, and something just didn't feel right (tightness in the neck, a twinge in your back or a fun new crack in the knees)...but you push through thinking it will go away. Yeah, usually that 'feeling' can lead to an injury. If something really doesn't feel right, please do come and tell me before it may turn into something else and I'll see what I can do to help you right then and there.

The shoes I've seen over the years at boot camp...I've seen some BAAAD shoes All Stars. Wrongly fitted, worn out soles with holes and some with shoe laces so loose they can fit another foot in there!!! Unfortunately some of you are still wearing them despite me voicing my concerns of their continued use. So, so, so many injuries start with bad shoes. Think about it, they're taking the shock from every running step, you use them to help you balance and at boot camp and you're constantly on your feet. YOU ALL NEED GOOD SHOES! If you're training 3+ times a week in your shoes, you'll most likely need new ones around every 6-8 months. Please check the guide below to help you buy your new pair of shoes:

My favourite places to buy new shoes: The Running Centre (in Perth City and some of the best people to help you find the right shoe), Athletes Foot & Jim Kidd.

Stretching can prevent so many injuries. But Paul it hurts, its hard and its boring... I know!!! You know what hurts more, AN INJURY! I see many of you stretching before or after sessions and that's awesome. Then I see many of you 'stretching,' you know the 'maybe if I just bend in some direction Paul will think I'm stretching really hard so I can continue talking about footy, TV or how annoying my kids/partner can be' routine. I can tell and I want those people to make a greater effort this year to help themselves by biting down through the pain and stretching that little bit harder.

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