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Lost motivation to exercise? This could be why!

Every winter, there’s a hibernation period for some. 'Can’t’ train because of a few factors e.g. it’s too dark, bad weather, bed is better than exercise or just wanna go home after work. These excuses, not to be confused with reasons not to train (such as illness), are just a select few that I’ve heard last winter. When looking at having the motivation to exercise the following factors may be affecting your overall desire to keep active.

Morning sessions: think about what you ate the day before Afternoon/Evening sessions: think about what you ate during the day Did you consume too much sugar/high GI foods like soda, sweets, white bread, etc? Did you eat anything fried? Have you been training 5+ days in a row without a rest day? A ‘YES’ could be affecting your ability/desire to exercise Did you eat enough throughout the day? Did you drink enough water throughout the day? Did you get 7-8 hours sleep last night? For the afternoon sessions, did you eat 1-3 hours prior to the start of the class? A ‘NO’ could be affecting your ability/desire to exercise as well

What can we/you do?

If you find yourself in a slump, usually considered to be over 7 days without training, consider the above questions and contact me. Tell me that you’re unmotivated, let me know how you answered to the above questions as well and we’ll work together to see what we can do to get you out of your slump. Everyone that receives these emails knows the benefits of exercise and everyone wants to want to exercise, it’s the factors above that can hold us back. The longer that a slump can go unchecked, the harder it is to get out of it, and I’m speaking from personal experience! Let’s get you back on track, get you moving and help your body release those awesome endorphins!

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